Monday, September 29, 2008

Stamp through Samaria

Just below the Omalos Plateau in western Crete lies the longest gorge in Europe. Made a national park in 1992 to protect the endangered Kri Kri wild goats, Samaria is 16k long and every day hundreds (up to 3000 on peak days) of visitors tromp through. If you don't fancy a stroll surrounded by sun burned tourists get there first thing or don't go at all. If you like to gloat about your fitness level then this is definitely the place for you! Many people undertake this trail who shouldn't. The path does require good balance, sturdy shoes, and a little bit of endurance.

Scrambling over the dry and nameless river bed, the 300 meter walls of the gorge narrow from 150 to just 3.5 meters apart creating a memorable passage through the "iron gates". The walk ends shortly thereafter at Agia Roumeli where, restaurants, sandy beaches, precipitous cliffs, and your ferry back to civilization awaits.

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