Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Moon Mountain

Mt Fegari shoots 1600m out of the Aegean sea straight into the skies of Eastern Thrace. Homer mentions Poseidon sitting atop this peak to watch the the Trojan war. Spurred on by this we made our way up to the top to see Poseidon's mount, and, although I couldn't see Troy, I definitely felt closer to the gods. The wandering goats, seemingly enchanted forest, fields of wild oregano, and endless rocks for scrambling over made the ascent seem almost simple.

We couldn't see Troy, but we could see Hora, the Island's capital. Nestled into the folds of the mountain, the walk seemed a bit long and unpredictable, but it was such a pleasant walk up, surely the walk to the capital would be equally as beautiful. Heck, I could even make out an arrow and some marks that might represent the letters for Hora faintly painted onto a rock near our picnic stop. It seemed like the logical thing for two people who had just cycled for six days through the backroads of Eastern Macedonia and Thrace to do on their rest day...

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