Monday, September 1, 2008

The Road to Xanthi

On the plain to the east of the base of Dionysus' sacred Mt Panageum lies the region of Drama. The fertile soils of this region have been producing delicious wine for millennia. We pedalled our way through pretty Drama and detoured into the first vineyard we saw. Here we met M. Hadley's estranged twin brother and left with a lovely bottle of Assyritiko.

The secondary road to Xanthi continues to wind it's way along the route of the ancient Via Egnatia. Nearing the border of Thrace , it was a rare treat to find ourselves surrounded by thick forest spread over gently rolling hills. We were clearly crossing into a much less touristed and distinctly different Greece. After thoroughly and cautiously being inspected by a young shepherd's team of dogs, we set up camp in the mountains outside Stavroupoli.

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