Sunday, July 13, 2008

Aphrodite's Egg

It must be the endorphins that pump through your body after a day of cycling, but I always find the sighting of monumental places so much more exhilarating when I have brought myself to them under my own power. I have dreamt about this place since my childhood. I have dreamt about this place since I picked out my first book of Greek mythology in the 3rd grade. I have dreamt about this place since I stood in the Uffizi gallery in Florence gazing for much too long at Boticelli's "Birth of Venus". At last when I turned an unexpected corner on a descent from Livadi into Hora, there it was - the birthplace of Aphrodite. Thanks to those rosy rays of the afternoon sun it was every bit as mystical as I hoped it would be. I could absolutely imagine the goddess of love and beauty rising from the seafoam in such a place. If you can't, perhaps you should try cycling there...

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