Monday, July 14, 2008

Eat and Drink Kythera

So, what do you do on the little visited Island of Kythera, besides cycle her mountainous roads? Eat and drink! And, given that Kythera does not rely on mass tourism to survive, she produces no shortage of local tasty treats. Her thyme honey is reputedly the best in Greece. There are several rare varieties of grape that are grown here. One of them produces the award winning Petrolaros wine, the vine of which Aphrodite herself brought to the island. In Kalokerines we crossed paths with a lovingly restored 200 year old wind powered stone flour mill. Maria of Maria's Sweets grinds her own locally grown wheat which she then uses in some of the most phenomenal renditions of greek cookies that I have tasted yet. The sunday market is also a good outlet for local produce and jams and other goodies.


judy and jim said...

right on!!
love the food
love the scenery
love the stories
continue to enjoy yourselves.

HarmonyCreekBrewery said...

that Greek dude sitting on the wall wearing just a fig leaf looks like he's in his element