Friday, July 4, 2008

How Hot is Sparta?

We learned what Spartans are made of as we climbed to over 1200 m in 43 C heat today. Making our way to Sparta over the beautiful and bleak Parnonas mountain range, felt somewhat like a pilgrimage and our reception has been appropriate. The people of Sparta are rumored to be people stern like their landscape, but, surprisingly, we have found them to the friendliest people yet. There are no lack of supportive waves and cheers as they pass us, and conversation flows well beyond the average, where are you from where are you going. I like to believe that, after making our way over their first set of very isolating mountains with fully loaded bikes, they recognize kindred spirits in us.


Miss Crowland said...

The important question is...have you worn any of those dresses yet?

Alexandra said...

Of course! I'm wearing one as I type. I do, however live mostly in clammy cycle-wear. Blech. Not very lady like indeed. I like the printed shorts you're making. I want one that is bicycle inspired, you know, wheels and spokes and gears and stuff maybe with a bird and some vines or something else that's lady like thrown in. Do it for your ancestry!