Tuesday, June 9, 2009

How to Get RICH in Greece

While Greek tavern meals are great they can run up the cost of our trip pretty fast, so one of our favourite ways to eat is to have a little picnic somewhere along the road, preferably with some delicious shade and/or a fantastic view. With such excellent bread, cheese, olives, nuts, fruit, veg, honey, tahini, and yogurt available everywhere it is an easy way to makeup for the shocking cost of the 43 Euro fish we shared at the tavern before our trip to the entrance to Hades. And, with that, I'd like to note that we have uncovered one of the craziest food scams in Greece.

Our 43 euro fish (that's euros, right?) had us reeling, but considering the number of fish we see when we snorkel in the seas around here ,we reasoned, well, perhaps fish are so expensive because there aren't any. They should be expensive, right?

Yeah, right.

Some days before the "Hades Tavern 43 euro fish highway robbery escapade", we ordered ourselves grilled octopus with one of our meals. I've since learned that in Greece, an order like this is routinely one tentacle and costs at least 10 euros. It is quite standard. A few days after the 10 euro tentacle, I was standing by the harbour in one of the many towns we've passed through and I decided to do a little math (brace yourself for this is truly rare) I counted the number of octopi artfully hanging on the line across the street from a nearby tavern – sinisterly whetting the appetites of passersby. I counted 13 octopi with 8 legs each, that's 1040 euros, 1040 EUROS! artfully hanging out in the street unsupervised! Fishy? I was furious and determined to get to the bottom of this standardized greek thievery, so the next time we were in a market I took a closer look at the octopi. How much?
12 Euros for the whole critter.

Now, that is some mark up if you ask me. Wanna get rich quick? Open a seafood restaurant in Greece.

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