Sunday, May 31, 2009

The View From Nestor's Palace

4000 years ago Pylos was established and, under King Nestor, became one of the leading cities of the Mycenean Empire. Pylos' impressive natural harbour is a natural place to establish a kingdom and a visit to Nestor's Palace is a terrific way to appreciate how a King might rule such a place. Most impressive of all at this site is the 3300 year old terracotta tub that still sits in it's original position. Nestor, famed argonaut, and a battle advisor in the Trojan war lived to be quite an old man and so no doubt enjoyed many a soak in his beautiully painted tub. There is something strangely surreal in standing so close to the bathtub of such a legendary man.

The palace is an impressive size and was discovered with a staggering cache of pottery.

We pop in to visit a neighbouring tholos tomb before we wind our way back down to the coast through countless olive groves...

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