Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Slather me with Sweet Greece

Honey has always been a staple in our bike touring diet. Simple and healthy it is an interesting way to support local farmers and taste local flavours. I usually move quite slowly through my bottle of honey. A quarter litre can easily last a few months.

A few weeks ago Basil popped in and bought some honey from a bee keeper. I didn't think much of such a routine purchase. Until...I tasted it. Oh. My.

Whoever he or she might be, I'd like to take a quiet moment to say a little prayer to the god of greek honey. I don't know his or her name, but I know they're out there working damn hard.

Beeswax soaked in honey is delightful. Fir honey is out of this world.

Do you see that bottom picture!? Fir honey is so thick that it layers back on itself when it oozes from one container to another. It is so lovely that it's layers hold a much deserved opalescent sheen. My quarter litre lasted 4 days. Our food budget just got raised.

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