Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Counting goats

Goats are sassy and unpredictable, and, when in the Peloponnese, they are all around you. At any given time you can hear hundreds of tiny bells jingling in the distance. One night, we slept (Basil not so well) to the constant jingling of thousands of bells. What a treat it was to awake to a parade of anxious goats making their way past the front door of our tent and into the corral behind us to be milked.

The quantity and quality of locally produced Greek yogurt gives testimony to hard work of a tradition that is still very present in this region of Greece. I'm happy to say that there are young shepherds too, and even though the tradition has evolved, there is still a sense of ancient wisdom and respect for the land. Maybe the world needs more goats and sheep on the roads.

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