Sunday, July 5, 2009

Korce Market

We took a few days to relax and enjoy Korce. The market is a wonderful place to lose yourself in a maze of fresh fruit and veg, used clothes, byrek sellers, butchers, fish, coffee shops, hardware, plastics, cleaners, candies, honey, and dairy products. We went home heavily laden with fresh fruit, cheeses, and a massive amount of butter and beeswax. There is no shortage of dairy in Albania. I had no idea how on earth we might finish the huge mound of butter being piled into a plastic bag for us. I had cherries on the brain and this massive lump of butter was threatening to impede my cherry consuming abilities. We had to find some bread and fast...

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CaliforniaKat said...

It struck me while looking at your photos that we have started doing a bit of what you do, that is take a photo with a bike in it if we see one. My Greek counterpart is an avid cyclist, and we did this everywhere we went in India.

Lovely photos, and I especially like that you've been to places I haven't (yet). :)